Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We deserve the truth

Today in Chicago, there was a memorial service for a policeman shot in the line of duty with his own gun. My heart goes out to the friends and family of this man who's life was taken in such a senseless act. Its not often that we hear of a criminal so brazen that he would attempt to disarm a uniformed police officer. Where did this killer come from ?

lot of questions still abound. Top cop Jody Weiss seems to think robbery was the motive. hummm nice try.... what a nice neat little package, but that DOESN'T make sense. Are we the public to believe that the shooter tried robbing an armed uniformed cop single handed (without a gun of his own), in front of a police building at 3o'clock in the afternoon ? We are Chicagoans, we aren't stupid! This was clearly the actions of a deeply disturbed and delusional individual who should not be out on the streets in the first place! I think Mr. Weiss's assurtion of robbery is to make it easier to to get this guy to the lethal injection table vs a psychiatric hospital..... be it right or wrong, at least THAT makes sense! I'm sure the common rule among police and politicians is that the public cannot REALLY handle the truth.... and on some levels they may be right, but we still are entitled to it! I heard a wise man say once that the truth is bad enough why lie? I cant help wondering if the shooter was ever a patient of one of the many Psychiatric facilities in Illinois now closed. We deserve the truth.

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Notorious Spinks said...

Mmmmmm... Thought provoking. You are right, "Why lie?" As a new junkie and journalist, the truth always comes out when nosy people like me exist in this world.
Great post now keep it up, Brother Kaleeem.