Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ashamed that i complain.

Before i left the shelter this morning, i had to called paramedics for a sick shelter guest. I didn't immediately recognize him even though he had been coming to the shelter for many years. He was much thinner than usual; Painfully so. His complexion seemed muddy. His voice just above a whisper. His eyes were distant and sunken. He seemed but a shadow of himself. I remember Just about a year ago he was full of life... but not this morning. His breathing labored on as he complained of dizziness. The paramedics arrived and easily lifted his skeletal-like frame onto the stretcher. They whisked him away to a waiting ambulance. Years of intravenous drug abuse and high risk behavior to blame. I usually leave the shelter with a feeling of accomplishment on Thursday mornings but not today. Today i feel sad and grateful. Sad that a fellow human being is suffering but grateful that i was able to serve him hot meals and offer a safe place to lodge. That's as deep as i care to think about it on this beautiful summer morning. Time to correct myself. I will be grateful for my life and will not complain. I will be grateful for my health and will not complain. As i drive along sipping my Carmel macchiato, on the phone complaining about WHATEVER...... I will be mindful that there are people out there with REAL problems!


Dana said...

How often do I complain - in a single day - about truly trivial things? Like how hot and humid it is outside when I'm sitting in an air conditioned office?

I think we can all be a bit more mindful of the many things we take for granted.

AngelFace said...

Thank you for sharing that with me. I was just thinking how there are so many things going wrong in my life yet there are so many things going right as well. I am choosing not to complain and learning to be grateful about all that I am blessed with! Life is a celebration.