Wednesday, July 27, 2011

team iphone

“The company that makes the BlackBerry is laying off 11 percent of its workforce. You can tell it's bad, because the CEO’s announcement ended with the line ‘Sent from my iPhone.’” -- Jimmy Fallon

loves seasons.....

Police shootings in Chicago

Police shootings are up in Chicago because of a disconnect. Cops are rotated before they can form any kind of relationship w/ the community.If a police officer (in a positive way :-) knows YOU, your brother, your dad, your mother, and your grandma.... YOU would be less like to offend.The most effective police officers are those the people know and trust. We should know police officers by their first name.... Not by their ego driven nick- names..... "robo-cop" "king kong" "Mike Tyson". Chicago police brag that they are the biggest "gang" in Chicago..... that's part of the problem.

RIP David Koschman

David Koschman is dead... But no one has been charged with his death. *strange* I smell good ole Chicago politics at work! The man who killed him is the Nephew of former Mayor Daley.

RIP David Koschman

Everywhere else in america, when somebody kills someone either accidentally or purposely...That person goes to jail. I guess not in Chicago! RIP David Koschman