Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chicago politics at its finest!.. nice try!

"A police spokesman declined to comment on the under-the-public’s-radar gathering, which was part of something called the Chicago Gang Violence Reduction Initiative.
“Every law enforcement agency was there to show we’re on the same team,” one law enforcement source said. “It’s a new approach. We’re telling these guys: ‘You got to cut the violence — or else. The first gang that kills somebody, we will go full barrel after your whole gang.’ “
When one of those gangs is involved in a killing, sources said, authorities plan to make their leaders’ lives miserable, doing everything from towing their cars for parking violations, to ramping up parole visits, to pulling them over repeatedly for traffic stops" Oh silly men............. I'm sure you guys know that the gangsters on the streets committing violent crimes are not listening to the “young head” Chiefs the way they listened/obeyed the “Old heads”. this is not the 80s. You guys are reaching. Kinda sounds like grandstanding to me!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blago guilty of lying to Feds....yea right!

Guilty of lying to federal agents seems like an imbalanced relationship considering the government can use almost any means necessary to secure a confession and or conviction. I've a real problem with the government when it sits high and looks low. So feds can lie to detainees boasting of imaginary evidence in the hopes of obtaining a tearful confession but when THEY are misled by a slick detainee, federal charges are in order. Go Blago! i hope he doesn't do a day in jail. To levy against him a reasonable number of charges is one thing, but to overcharge him with 28 counts in hopes of "making SOMETHING stick" is communistic. I say power to the people NOT the government!