Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiration can come from the oddest places

After watching an episode of "Undercover millionaire", i was inspired to start a breakfast program for the homeless on the West-side of Chicago. June 2011 will be its start. My thoughts are to feed the body but to inspire the soul. Breakfast made to order, r&b music, and spoken word poetry. Whenever i start MY day off with a great breakfast and wonderful music, no one can top me or stop me! I'd like to do the same for the homeless. Maybe i can inspire one of them to do something great. The financing will come from where ever it is at the moment. I'll be Blogging more about this as things progress. I just feel that i have an obligation to do more. Gotta go for now.... need to make contact with the Chicago food depository. :-) ......... I just want to do something great.