Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chicago politics at its finest!.. nice try!

"A police spokesman declined to comment on the under-the-public’s-radar gathering, which was part of something called the Chicago Gang Violence Reduction Initiative.
“Every law enforcement agency was there to show we’re on the same team,” one law enforcement source said. “It’s a new approach. We’re telling these guys: ‘You got to cut the violence — or else. The first gang that kills somebody, we will go full barrel after your whole gang.’ “
When one of those gangs is involved in a killing, sources said, authorities plan to make their leaders’ lives miserable, doing everything from towing their cars for parking violations, to ramping up parole visits, to pulling them over repeatedly for traffic stops" Oh silly men............. I'm sure you guys know that the gangsters on the streets committing violent crimes are not listening to the “young head” Chiefs the way they listened/obeyed the “Old heads”. this is not the 80s. You guys are reaching. Kinda sounds like grandstanding to me!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blago guilty of lying to Feds....yea right!

Guilty of lying to federal agents seems like an imbalanced relationship considering the government can use almost any means necessary to secure a confession and or conviction. I've a real problem with the government when it sits high and looks low. So feds can lie to detainees boasting of imaginary evidence in the hopes of obtaining a tearful confession but when THEY are misled by a slick detainee, federal charges are in order. Go Blago! i hope he doesn't do a day in jail. To levy against him a reasonable number of charges is one thing, but to overcharge him with 28 counts in hopes of "making SOMETHING stick" is communistic. I say power to the people NOT the government!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise (Official Music Video)

Ashamed that i complain.

Before i left the shelter this morning, i had to called paramedics for a sick shelter guest. I didn't immediately recognize him even though he had been coming to the shelter for many years. He was much thinner than usual; Painfully so. His complexion seemed muddy. His voice just above a whisper. His eyes were distant and sunken. He seemed but a shadow of himself. I remember Just about a year ago he was full of life... but not this morning. His breathing labored on as he complained of dizziness. The paramedics arrived and easily lifted his skeletal-like frame onto the stretcher. They whisked him away to a waiting ambulance. Years of intravenous drug abuse and high risk behavior to blame. I usually leave the shelter with a feeling of accomplishment on Thursday mornings but not today. Today i feel sad and grateful. Sad that a fellow human being is suffering but grateful that i was able to serve him hot meals and offer a safe place to lodge. That's as deep as i care to think about it on this beautiful summer morning. Time to correct myself. I will be grateful for my life and will not complain. I will be grateful for my health and will not complain. As i drive along sipping my Carmel macchiato, on the phone complaining about WHATEVER...... I will be mindful that there are people out there with REAL problems!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Broken Lisa

I was reading one of my fellow tweeters blog last night, and felt chills. She reminded me so much of my ex 'till it was scary. Let me go back. When i first saw (I'll call her"Lisa") Lisa's twitter Pict, i thought "hmmm, she looks like my ex". The content of her blog just blew me away. All i could say was Wow! eerily Lisa. Baby-daddy drama;"Lisa". Emotional Damage; "Lisa". Single young female addicted to retail; again "Lisa" If i didn't know better I'd say they were one in the same. It was uncanny! I've found that i still feel sorry for my ex even years after we've broken up.... Not for self serving reasons, but because i know that she will probably never be able to have a gratifying romantic relationship. I'm usually a very positive dude, but i don't think my that my twitter friend will either. I sense damage from an abusive parent, and or of her poor life choices. Her own blog eludes to her propensity for physical violence/ destructive behavior. I really hope that Twitter "Lisa" gets some sort of help. My ex is seeking answers through religion.... i wish her well. So beautiful, so damaged. so "Lisa".

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We deserve the truth

Today in Chicago, there was a memorial service for a policeman shot in the line of duty with his own gun. My heart goes out to the friends and family of this man who's life was taken in such a senseless act. Its not often that we hear of a criminal so brazen that he would attempt to disarm a uniformed police officer. Where did this killer come from ?

lot of questions still abound. Top cop Jody Weiss seems to think robbery was the motive. hummm nice try.... what a nice neat little package, but that DOESN'T make sense. Are we the public to believe that the shooter tried robbing an armed uniformed cop single handed (without a gun of his own), in front of a police building at 3o'clock in the afternoon ? We are Chicagoans, we aren't stupid! This was clearly the actions of a deeply disturbed and delusional individual who should not be out on the streets in the first place! I think Mr. Weiss's assurtion of robbery is to make it easier to to get this guy to the lethal injection table vs a psychiatric hospital..... be it right or wrong, at least THAT makes sense! I'm sure the common rule among police and politicians is that the public cannot REALLY handle the truth.... and on some levels they may be right, but we still are entitled to it! I heard a wise man say once that the truth is bad enough why lie? I cant help wondering if the shooter was ever a patient of one of the many Psychiatric facilities in Illinois now closed. We deserve the truth.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Racist or sarcastic? Chicago cop recorded

Just another example of the unprofessional climate in the Chicago police Department. (Excluding the good cops) Am i to understand that nobody thinks that Chicago Has a serious Police problem? How many instances of outrageous , unprofessional behavior needs to be uncovered? John Burg, Latonya Haggerty case, Anthony Abbate, and of recent a stalking commander. Wake the F- up City hall!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

What, are we STUPID! mayor Daley.

Mayor Daley wants a taser device in every police car claiming that there is liability in officers discharging their service pistol. He went on to explain that when a bullet ricochets, and hits an innocent citizen, the city of Chicago pays. He obviously thinks that the citizens of Chicago are stupid. If he wants tasers in every squad car to give officers a non lethal advantage then just say it; don't sugar-coat it with terms like "public safety or "saves the city money" So, instances that call for the use of deadly force will suddenly be downgraded to simply "taser worthy"right? Are we to believe that in a situation where deadly force is justified, an officer will just whip out his taser in hopes of avoiding an accidental ricochet? Duh!! I'm not against tasers but i am against political liars. Those tasers will be used to either give good officers a street advantage, or give bully officers a way to punish. while i think every Police officer should be required to be capable of subduing an unarmed combatant, i think tasers can be a useful tool for officers.. Just don't lie to us mayor , we are not stupid.