Thursday, December 17, 2009

shelter challenges to overcome.

The sector of the homeless population that is most difficult for shelter workers to help is the mentally ill. Their behavior makes it difficult for them to conform to basic shelter rules so most times they remain on the street. I observed an instance of this Wednesday evening when a female shelter guest opted to walk the streets instead of receiving shelter services. She complained that her belongings were too far from where she slept. She wanted to bring a full sized shopping cart into the female sleeping area and park it next to her bed. We allow guest to stage their shopping carts and bikes in a nearby indoor garage area. For her this was unacceptable. I tried convincing her that after something to eat, a shower, and some sleep, she would feel much better. She refused services and left. I felt deflated. My heart is still heavy............. its Friday.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Move me.

Was asked to come down to a local coffee house for some live jazz. Was just "good".... music with no passion is ungratifying sex. Voices of angels, piano perfection, textbook trumpet, proper percussions does not make for a moving experience. Music to me is a creative medium for conveying melodic emotion. Sorry guys , tonight i felt nothing. It doesnt take a multiplatnum recording artist to move a room of 20 or a stadium of 20k. I have heard 10yr old jr Choir members sing with the passion of a broken hearted poet. Ive been lucky like that in my lifetime.
Chicago musicians.....move me or stay your ass at home. "Good" music is never good enough.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I get to go to work today.

I get to go to work today. There are many in Chicago who are unemployed ; for them i pray. I have friends who hate their jobs; for them i sympathize. My heart belongs to those workers who serve the poor living at the many homeless shelters in the Chicago-land area. I've been privileged to be able to serve with them. We are not better than those we help. We love serving humanity. We get to go to work. I am thankful on three levels. I have a job, i love what i do, and i love that my work serves humanity. I realize that on my worst day, it's just another day for me in paradise.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chicagos highs and lows

  • High technology is used to record my car NOT coming to a complete stop at 31st and California.

  • Low technology is used to help protect the homeless from being and beaten in broad open daylight at Harrison and California

  • High technology is used to track down & apply the Denver boot to cars w/2 or more parking tickets in Chicago.

  • Low technology is used to track rogue cops who batter, rob and plant drugs on motorist they deem worthy of such treatment.

  • High technology is used to monitor prisoners awaiting trial at cook county jail.

  • Low technology is used to treat patients awaiting treatment at cook county hospital.
  • High technology used to cheat Brad Miller and the Chicago Bulls from a stunning win over Denver. THANKS LOW TECH REFS!!