Friday, March 19, 2010

Racist or sarcastic? Chicago cop recorded

Just another example of the unprofessional climate in the Chicago police Department. (Excluding the good cops) Am i to understand that nobody thinks that Chicago Has a serious Police problem? How many instances of outrageous , unprofessional behavior needs to be uncovered? John Burg, Latonya Haggerty case, Anthony Abbate, and of recent a stalking commander. Wake the F- up City hall!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

What, are we STUPID! mayor Daley.

Mayor Daley wants a taser device in every police car claiming that there is liability in officers discharging their service pistol. He went on to explain that when a bullet ricochets, and hits an innocent citizen, the city of Chicago pays. He obviously thinks that the citizens of Chicago are stupid. If he wants tasers in every squad car to give officers a non lethal advantage then just say it; don't sugar-coat it with terms like "public safety or "saves the city money" So, instances that call for the use of deadly force will suddenly be downgraded to simply "taser worthy"right? Are we to believe that in a situation where deadly force is justified, an officer will just whip out his taser in hopes of avoiding an accidental ricochet? Duh!! I'm not against tasers but i am against political liars. Those tasers will be used to either give good officers a street advantage, or give bully officers a way to punish. while i think every Police officer should be required to be capable of subduing an unarmed combatant, i think tasers can be a useful tool for officers.. Just don't lie to us mayor , we are not stupid.