Friday, March 19, 2010

Racist or sarcastic? Chicago cop recorded

Just another example of the unprofessional climate in the Chicago police Department. (Excluding the good cops) Am i to understand that nobody thinks that Chicago Has a serious Police problem? How many instances of outrageous , unprofessional behavior needs to be uncovered? John Burg, Latonya Haggerty case, Anthony Abbate, and of recent a stalking commander. Wake the F- up City hall!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is a loaded topic. It would be great to think that all police officers are there to protect us. Unfortunately, many just use the job as an opportunity to abuse their authority.
I used to think the CPD was the worst, but believe it or not, it is much the same in other parts of the country. Granted, there are some cops who are decent and want to uphold the law. But alot of them will use their badge as a chance to intimidate and bully others.
As far as racism goes, I am always disappointed to see how blatantly different minorities are treated by cops. Out in the suburbs, if a white person is walking with someone in a minority race, they will always think the minority (black, mexican, etc.) is up to no good...It's just wrong...My heart has always gone out to people who have to defend themselves against doing NOTHING wrong.