Friday, July 16, 2010

Broken Lisa

I was reading one of my fellow tweeters blog last night, and felt chills. She reminded me so much of my ex 'till it was scary. Let me go back. When i first saw (I'll call her"Lisa") Lisa's twitter Pict, i thought "hmmm, she looks like my ex". The content of her blog just blew me away. All i could say was Wow! eerily Lisa. Baby-daddy drama;"Lisa". Emotional Damage; "Lisa". Single young female addicted to retail; again "Lisa" If i didn't know better I'd say they were one in the same. It was uncanny! I've found that i still feel sorry for my ex even years after we've broken up.... Not for self serving reasons, but because i know that she will probably never be able to have a gratifying romantic relationship. I'm usually a very positive dude, but i don't think my that my twitter friend will either. I sense damage from an abusive parent, and or of her poor life choices. Her own blog eludes to her propensity for physical violence/ destructive behavior. I really hope that Twitter "Lisa" gets some sort of help. My ex is seeking answers through religion.... i wish her well. So beautiful, so damaged. so "Lisa".

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